[#90 Lesson] Explored History

This life lesson relates to my previous blog #90 Go to Pompeii.

What class did I hate the most when I was a kid? History. What is one of my favourite aspects of travel, today? History.

Did I just grow up and begin to like history? Definitely not! I don’t think there is any risk of me growing up any time soon. What changed was the way I learned the material. Instead of being told about it by my teacher or reading about it from a book, I was experiencing it firsthand. I call this explored history.


I find explored history more interesting as you can form a connection with the material that you are learning. Explored history excites more of our senses, which helps to make more of an impact on our memories. It allows us to form more vivid pictures and hold on to more detail.

This is not just my opinion; it’s science. Brain research suggests that memories formed from a combination of physical and intellectual stimulus will help to form stronger synapses (the wiring of the brain). I can still remember these facts several years later. I can even remember where we were standing when she shared them with our group.


It also helps that the facts were so simple, yet so mind blowing. Like the crosswalks or the fact that tomatoes did not exist in Italy when pizza was invented. These really stuck with me.

When I was young, I thought that history was boring. Thanks to travelling, my mind has totally changed. Now, I enjoy reading about history and continuing to learn more. When I read about an interesting place, I add it to my list to check out.

As you can see, travelling has helped me to love history. And now, history is helping me to travel. It’s a beautiful synergy that has developed over the years. I am still young and still have many countries to visit. I am excited to see what historical facts I can collect in the coming years.

If anyone tells you that history is boring; tell them to travel more.

Do you enjoy history? What aspect of travel do you enjoy most? Let me know in the comments below.

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