Launch Pad

Here at Launch Pad, it's all about YOU! I want to help you start your bucket list and begin living your bucket list dreams. That is why I have created the 5 Simple Steps to Starting a Bucket List. Check them out below and start putting pen to paper!


Step 1 - List Structure

Do you want an open list, which you will continually add to? Or do you want a closed list that, one day, you will complete?


Step 2 - Number of Items

Do you want to include every adventure and have 500-1,000 items? Or do you want to limit it to the most exciting adventures and have 50-200 items?


Step 3 - Difficulty of Items

Make sure that you have a good mix of items between these two extremes. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself but remember to enjoy your journey!

Step 4 - Previously Completed Items

Do you want to start fresh with all new experiences? Or do you want a complete list of all your past and future achievements?


Step 5 - Types of Items

Add some variety to your list by picking from these four categories. Generic items are classic bucket list items, such as "Walk on the Great Wall of China". Personal items are the ones that matter to you on a deeper level, perhaps it's "writing a book". Curious items are meant to get you outside of your comfort zone, such as "eat haggis". Just For Fun items are thrown in to keep the list enjoyable, such as "swim in a fountain".


This should be enough to get you started and the items should already be piling up. However, if you want a bit more detail, download your FREE Bucket List Starter Guide!

FREE Bucket List Starter Guide