Bucket List

Scroll through the list to see which ones I have completed. Clicking on completed items will display the date and location of where it was completed. See the gallery for photos of each completed item.
1. Walk on the Great Wall of China
2. Go to Munich and attend Oktoberfest
3. Go skydiving ✔
4. Experience zero gravity
5. Invent something and obtain a patent for it
6. Appear in a movie, even as just an extra
7. Swim in an underwater cave
8. Attend an NFL game
9. Give blood
10. Buy my own car
11. Go surfing in Australia
12. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
13. Ride in a fighter jet
14. Ski a “real” mountain
15. Ride a camel in a desert
16. See an elephant in the wild
17. Go to base camp at Mount Everest
18. See a penguin in the wild
19. Go to Hawaii
20. Watch a volcanic eruption
21. Ride in a helicopter
22. See the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
23. Ride in a gondola boat in Venice
24. See Mount Rushmore
25. Go to the Grand Canyon
26. Gamble in Las Vegas
27. Watch a bullfight
28. See the Mayan ruins
29. See the northern lights
30. Watch the Olympics live
31. Eat blowfish ✔
32. Drink sake in Japan ✔
33. Go to Antarctica
34. Climb a coconut palm and get that epic sunset picture
35. Eat a tequila worm
36. Run a half marathon
37. Go more than 200 km/h on land
38. Eat at a White Castle restaurant
39. Join the Mile High Club
40. Jeep or buggy sand dunes
41. Go on a blob
42. Drag race a car
43. Walk on an iceberg
44. Ride a hovercraft
45. Run down the side of a volcano (or volcano board)
46. Go to Brennan’s restaurant and race a turtle
47. Set a Guinness World Record
48. Drink from Das Boot
49. Own a gladiator sword
50. Take a punch by a UFC fighter
51. Drink vodka in Russia
52. Fire a military grade rifle
53. Throw a grenade
54. Run with the bulls in Spain
55. Streak in a foreign country
56. Land a sport fish over 100 lbs.
57. Stay in an ice hotel
58. Crush grapes with my feet to make wine
59. Take part in La Tomatina
60. Eat kangaroo steak
61. Watch the Tour de France live
62. Fly in a hot air balloon
63. Attend a European soccer match
64. Go bull riding
65. Go whitewater rafting
66. Hug a koala bear
67. Swim at Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls
68. See Angel Falls
69. Go to Stonehenge
70. See the Hollywood stars on the sidewalk
71. Bartend for a night
72. Walk on a glacier
73. Go to Athens, Greece
74. Fly in a wind tunnel
75. Jump the tallest bungee in the world
76. Give beads during Mardi Gras
77. Get a picture with a Buckingham Palace guard
78. Make a call from a London phone booth
79. Ride in a chariot
80. Ride in a dog sled
81. Eat a raw egg
82. Dive underwater in a submarine
83. Get tasered
84. Fly an airplane
85. Swim in a fountain
86. Go for a Polar Bear Swim
87. Travel the Pamir Highway
88. Swim with sharks
89. Go zorbing
90. Go to Pompeii
91. Swim in the Dead Sea
92. Drive on the Autobahn
93. Take an IQ test
94. Walk on hot coals
95. Swim with dolphins
96. See Christ the Redeemer
97. Become a vegetarian for a week
98. Go BASE jumping
99. Party in Amsterdam
100. Be in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day

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    Date started: 1st January 2010

    Total items: 100

    Items completed: 45

    Most items completed in one year: 8 (2013)

    Chart by Visualizer

    Most difficult: #84 Fly an airplane

    Most rewarding: #36 Run a half marathon

    Scariest: #54 Run with the bulls in Spain

    Most items completed in one country: 15 (New Zealand)

    Total countries visited: 22
    Australia, Barbados, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Fiji, France, Germany, Indonesian, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vatican City

    Coverage by landmass: 25.92%

    Chart by Visualizer