#60 Eat Kangaroo Steak

This bucket list item was completed on 25th January 2013 in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

I think it is safe to say that I thought this one was going to be completed in Australia.  However, Halifax could not have been further from Australia.

I had been living at my flat on Queen Street for about two years when I crossed this item off my list. The flat was in a great location, only a couple blocks away from my university and right beside a Sobeys Supermarket. I had been shopping at this same supermarket the whole time that I had been living at the flat and never paid attention to what they had in their international food bins.

One day I went down to the supermarket with a couple friends, Kyle and Dylan, to buy some burgers, which we were going cook for dinner at my flat. As we were browsing around, Kyle began looking at the international food in the freezer section. At first he found red stag steaks from New Zealand and called us over. We thought that was pretty cool so we changed our plans from burgers to steaks. As we continued to look through the freezer we found ostrich steaks, frog legs and of course, kangaroo steak.

We bought about half a dozen frog legs and a couple steaks of red stag, ostrich and kangaroo. It was far from a balanced meal but we were just excited to try all of these exotic meats, which we did not know where even available in Canada.

Kangaroo (left), red stag (middle) and ostrich (right)

I’m not sure how the French eat their frog legs but we lathered them in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and then BBQ’d them. We also BBQ’d all of the steaks, the same as a beef steak.

Frog legs

Despite what you may think, the frog legs were actually delicious. With all of the hot sauce on them they just tasted like chicken wings. The red stag was delicious as well and tasted very similar to the local Canadian venison I had tried before. However, I was quite surprise with both the ostrich and kangaroo meat. The ostrich meat was very tender and had a very rich flavour. The kangaroo meat was similar to a typical beef steak but was also very rich and had a “gamey” taste that you usually get with wild animals.

Vegans beware
We bacon wrapped one ostrich steak and one red stag steak too

Growing up in my household, I was no stranger to wild game so I absolutely enjoyed it. I did not expect to cross this one off in my own hometown, half way across the world from Australia. However, sometimes things don’t always work out how you think they should but I was glad to find out what kangaroo steak tasted like.

Have you eaten kangaroo steak before? Let me know in the comments below.

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