[#21 Lesson] Ask for Help

This life lesson relates to my previous blog post #21 Ride in a Helicopter.

When I started working at Core Group and learned that they regularly fly helicopters as part of their services, I identified that they had the resources to help me cross another item off my bucket list. My position at the company did not require me to take part in the pipeline flights. I knew that if I wanted to make this happen, I was going to have to ask for it. 

When I asked Mark if I could come on the flight to cross another item off my list, he was happy to help me out. I have always been an independent person, even from a young age. I like to do things by myself sometimes and feel proud when I accomplish them independently. However, I am never too proud to ask for help.

I have many strengths, but I also have many weaknesses. When a situation calls for my strengths then I will usually complete it without reaching out to anyone. However, when I can’t do something by myself, I look around at my friends and family to see if they can help me. Asking for help does not mean you’re weak, it means you’re strong. Strong enough to admit you can’t do something by yourself.


In 2017, I suffered a serious injury and ended up in a downward spiral. I was on the verge of depression, I was incredibly anxious and cried almost every morning for months. I had many friends in New Zealand who were helping me through it, but I did not have any family. 

I was Skyping my parents regularly and trying to be strong but after a few calls that ended in tears I finally asked if they could help me out somehow. Although we were half a world apart, my mum offered to book a one way ticket to New Zealand to be with me as I went to my appointments. She ended up coming over for four months and helped me out with everything that was going on in my life. I honestly could not have done it without her and I’m so glad that I was brave enough to ask for help.

Whether you have suffered an injury, you’re struggling at university or you’re stressed out at work, you need to ask for help. Your friends and family will be there for you, but they may not always know that you need help. And if not your friends and family, professional help is always an option. The onus is on you to ask for help. Be brave and reach out, your future self will thank you for it.

When have you need to ask for help? Did they help you accomplish something or did they help you get through a struggle? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “[#21 Lesson] Ask for Help

  • Hilary

    It wasn’t exactly “I need your help” but in my voice my sister knew that stuff wasn’t good for me…. she organised dad to fly back to Brisbane (10 days from his last trip) to intervene and make plans for me to leave my marriage. I am forever grateful that he did this.

    • Dave Macleod

      Thanks for sharing Hilary. I think we have all been in a situation where we needed some extra help. Over the years, I have learned that it is better to ask for help sooner, rather than later.

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