[#62 Lesson] Share Your Dreams With Others

This life lesson relates to my previous blog #62 Fly in a Hot Air Balloon.

When I told Tegan that the coolest gift she could get me would be to help me cross something off my bucket list, she got to work. She studied my list and found an activity that we could do together and was close to New Plymouth. It was definitely the best present she could have given me, and I was so happy that she did that for me.

This taught me the importance of sharing your dreams with others. Since starting my bucket list, I have noticed the natural tendency of people to want to help out. Whenever I share my bucket list with people, it is very common for them to scan the list and look at the ones they have completed. This is typically followed up by some kind of first-hand advice.

“When you go to The Great Wall, go to this spot to get away from the crowds”. “If you want to party in Amsterdam, go on this day”. “This is the best spot to see elephants in the wild”. I have received so many great tips over the years.


Whether it’s a good travel tip or physically making dreams come true, I think we genuinely like to help others achieve their dreams. We all love to succeed, so we enjoy seeing others succeed, and it gives us satisfaction when we are part of the process.

This is true for big dreams, but it also true for smaller wants and desires. Whenever I am looking for new adventure gear like new skis or a new surfboard, I share my desires with my friends. Chances are that someone within my friend group either has, or knows someone who has, what I am looking for. That’s how I bought my last surfboard.

This lesson is echoed by [#21 Lesson] Ask for Help. It’s all about open communication and people helping people. From small to big, I encourage you to share your dreams with others. Chances are that someone along the way will be able to help you out. And in turn, I’m sure you will be able to help someone else achieve their dreams and keep the good karma going.

Do you share your dreams with others? Let me know in the comments below.

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