Why I Changed #33 Slap a Bull

My previous blog, Why I Didn’t Change #27 Watch a Bullfight, described the judgement that was placed on me for wanting to run with the bulls and attend a bullfight. Somehow this third bull-related bucket list item flew under the radar. My guess is that not many people know what this means or know the reference.

This bucket list item is in reference to the Hollywood movie Wild Hogs, staring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy. These four regular middle-aged men form their own wannabe biker gang and head off on an adventure to bring meaning back into their lives. In one of the scenes, Tim Allen’s character must sneak up behind a bull and slap it on the ass. Then he was supposed to get out of the ring before the bull got him, but things didn’t go in his favour. Their whole trip ends up being a comedy of errors.

This was a very funny scene, which included some Hollywood bravery. Just as I had gained inspiration from Hollywood for other items on my list, this is the explanation behind this one. This remained on my list and I did not think much about it until I did #27 Watch a Bullfight. That moment, when everything changed inside of me, I decided that I didn’t want to assault a bull for the sake of a bucket list item. It just didn’t make sense to me anymore. It wasn’t the right thing to do.


I changed this for my own reasons and not because someone else pressured me into it. I was happy to change it and it allowed me to replace it with something that I had become more passionate about. On my list, #33 now reads, “Go to Antarctica”. I have always been fascinated with the continent and after speaking with people who have worked in Antarctica, I realised that it needed to go on the list.

I am in no rush to do this one. I want to plan it properly and do it right. Ideally, I would like to land a job in Antarctica so that I can spend a summer there and see what life is like living at the bottom of the world. I am much happier with this sitting in the #33 spot and I am excited to cross it off one day.

Have you been to Antarctica? Let me know in the comments below.

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