Why I Travel

The key to my happiness is doing things that I love and one thing I truly love is travelling. Travelling brings me so much joy, and every time I go travelling, I am reminded of why I love it so much. I have always had a running list in my head of the reasons why I travel but I never took the time to write it down. This sounds like some peoples’ approach to bucket lists. Realising this, I decided to take my own advice, so I wrote them down. Here is a list of all the reasons why I travel.

I travel…

Because it makes me happy
To learn about myself
To experience new things
To attend events
Because I like airplanes
To collect miniature shampoo bottles
To visit friends
To visit family
To get lost
To wait in customs lines (not)!
To learn about other places
To learn about other cultures
To try new foods
Because it’s my hobby
To push my limits
To cross another country off the list
To raid the mini bar
To make bad decisions in good company
To find myself
To relax
To explore
Because I like hotels
To drink cocktails
To learn new languages
To order room service
Because life’s too short
To make friends
To watch sunsets
To take risks
To gaze at the stars
To discover
For the stories
For the adventures
To stay sane
To be a kid again
Because why not?

Why do you travel? Let me know in the comments below.

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