2014 Roundup

I had another big year in 2014! I managed to complete six items from my bucket list. Two of these were completed, with my brother, when he came for a holiday in September. I also achieved the most difficult one so far: #84 Fly an Airplane.

In case you have missed any of the stories or lessons from my bucket list adventures in 2014, here is a roundup.

#10 Buy My Own Car


Completed on 10th February in New Plymouth, New Zealand

[#10 Lesson] Strive for Freedom

#21 Ride in a Helicopter


Completed on 14th March in New Plymouth, New Zealand

[#21 Lesson] Ask for Help

#93 Take an IQ Test


Completed on 6th August in New Plymouth, New Zealand

[#93 Lesson] Room for Improvement

#65 Go Whitewater Rafting


Completed on 17th September in Rotorua, New Zealand

[#65 Lesson] Variety in Adventure

#41 Go on a Blob


Completed on 21st September in Tauranga, New Zealand

[#41 Lesson] Sometimes You Need Help

#84 Fly an Airplane


Completed on 9th November in Hawera, New Zealand

[#84 Lesson] Sacrifices are Required to Achieve Your Dreams

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