2015 Roundup

The good times kept rolling in 2015! I managed to complete another five items from my bucket list. Three of these were completed, with my two best mates, while on our road trip through Australia.

In case you have missed any of the stories or lessons from my bucket list adventures in 2015, here is a roundup.

#62 Fly in a Hot Air Balloon


Completed on 7th February in Hamilton, New Zealand

[#62 Lesson] Share Your Dreams With Others

#12 Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef


Completed on 20th April from Cairns, Australia

[#12 Lesson] Balance Between Planned and Unplanned Adventures

#66 Hug a Koala Bear


Completed on 28th April at Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Australia

[#66 Lesson] Relaaaax

#11 Go Surfing in Australia


Completed on 29th April in Coolangatta, Australia

[#11 Lesson] The Grass is Greener Effect

#39 Join the Mile High Club


Completed on 20th June between New Zealand and Fiji

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