2016 Roundup

I had my second-best year for the bucket list in 2016. I managed to complete seven items from my bucket list across three different countries.

In case you have missed any of the stories or lessons from my bucket list adventures in 2016, here is a roundup.

#36 Run a Half Marathon


Completed on 26th June in Wellington, New Zealand

[#36 Lesson] Accomplishing Life Goals Takes Commitment

#90 Go to Pompeii


Completed on 3rd July in Pompeii, Italy

[#90 Lesson] Explored History

#23 Ride in a Gondola Boat in Venice


Completed on 15th July in Venice, Italy

[#23 Lesson] Keep your Wits about Yourself When Travelling

#78 Make a Call from a London Phone Booth


Completed on 3rd October in London, England, UK

[#78 Lesson] Stay in Touch

#77 Get a Picture with a Buckingham Palace Guard


Completed on 4th October in London, England, UK

[#77 Lesson] Sometimes Life Isn’t Like the Movies

#69 Go to Stonehenge


Completed on 5th October in Salisbury, England, UK

[#69 Lesson] Marvel at Engineering Capabilities

#63 Attend a European Soccer Match


Some quad bike fun the day after the match!

Completed on 15th October in Newcastle, England, UK

[#63 Lesson] Passion Among Sports Fans

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